Are you a blogger and missing out on profits?

Do followers forget about your promo offer?

Your follower wants to take advantage of the special offer in your post, but puts it off for later and forgets, or writes down the promo code and loses the record.
As a result, your post has less brand sales, which means less profit for you.

Is it difficult to convince a brand that your posts should cost more?

It is difficult for an advertiser to figure out whether your audience is loyal or "winding up" whether a post on your blog will lead to sales or not.


He averages the good and bad, and as a result, you receive less income.

You don't get all the sales commission for your posts?

You work with brands by CPA, i.e. for% of sales, but there are less sales in their report than in reality, nothing can be proved, and you receive less commission.

Increase your income using the CARDSLEY free e-coupon

Let your follower save an electronic coupon in the phone

We will provide a link for free, by clicking on which your follower will upload an electronic coupon to ApplePay or GooglePay wallet.


The coupon will indicate the promotional code of the online store, the QR code for presentation at the checkout and all the conditions of the promo.

The coupon is easily accessible on the phone, always at hand and will definitely not be lost 

Ты можешь напоминать фолловеру о своих промо, сохраненных в его телефонеYou can remind the follower of the promo saved in the phone

You can send push notifications to the phone of each coupon holder. 


You can choose the time of push notifications, or you can link them to geo-location. For example, when your follower walks by your partner brand store.

Push notifications boost sales, and therefore your commission.

Show the brand your coupon usage statistics

At your request, we will provide you and the advertiser with statistics on your coupons for free and independently: the share of those who downloaded and the share of those who used your coupons.


You will be able to demonstrate your effectiveness and justify a higher fee.

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